About The Company


Hothersal Trading Inc Building Located Hothersal Turning St. Michael.

A recent addition to the Williams Industries Inc Group of companies, Hothersal Trading is a cozy and compact builders’ hardware that carries almost everything – from hardware and builders supplies to household items.

Conveniently situated in Hothersal Turning, St. Michael just 150 meters off the Clyde Walcott roundabout and a stone’s throw from Kelsi’s Supermarket, Hothersal Trading offers a family-like and intimate atmosphere.

Its unmatched assortment of exhaust, industrial, standing, wall, rotating and desk fans are ideal for offices, bakeries, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, schools, churches and household use.

Hothersal Trading also carries cement, sand, stone, plumbing, farm & garden supplies, electrical, belts & bearings, bolts & nuts, insertion rubber, gasket paper, nails, flashband, welding & safety supplies, tools, paint, pulleys, brass fittings etc.

Householders are well served with an assortment of cast iron stoves, laundry baskets, clothes pegs, cups, plates, bowls, jugs, garbage bags, basins, buckets, lanterns, mops and brooms, water coolers, torch lights, storage containers, batteries etc. We also cut both household and vehicle keys.

At Hothersal Trading we provide our customers with a friendly shopping experience based on an unsurpassed customer service, a hassle free environment for after sales service and spacious customer parking.

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