Hothersal Trading is your leading source for the widest assortment of fans in Barbados – exhaust fans, ceiling fans, wall fans, desk fans, rotating fans, standing and industrial fans. We carry all the leading brands including Jon Huei, Jing Ling and Greenland. All fans are pre-assembled with a three month warranty and we carry spare parts. A warm and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the advice to ensure that you make the right selection to meet your requirements.

Helpful Tips:

To determine the minimum capacity of the exhaust/extractor fan required, calculate the volume of the room (length x width x height) then multiply by the recommended number of air changes required. Then choose an exhaust fan with an air extraction value that will accommodate your size room.

  • Fans should not be placed directly above the stove, oven etc. Heat and grease will impact on the motor of the fan causing the thermo fuse in the motor to cut in and shut down the motor.
  • Fans should be installed using the correct voltage (i.e. 110V or 220V)
  • Fan blades should be cleaned and maintained at least once per month so as to avert dirt, grime and grease and dust build up.
  • Fans should be installed at a horizontal level so as to avoid stress on the ball bearings.
  • Fans should always be carefully mounted on a firm base so as to avoid unnecessary noise and vibration.
  • Fans should be installed at least 10 feet away from the stove / oven (i.e. on the opposite side of the stove).
  • Never mount your exhaust fan close to curtains as it will extract the curtain and can cause a fire
  • When installing an extractor fan, the duct should always be the same size as the fan blade or slightly over. If the duct is smaller it will create pressure on the blade and cause the fan to work at a slower speed.